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2. Purines have....

  • 2 rings
  • 1 ring

3. which base is purine and forms 3 hydrogen bonds

  • thymine
  • guanine
  • adenine
  • cytosine

4. What does Helicase do

  • it catalyses the breaking of hydrogen bonds between pairs of nitrogenous bases in a DNA molecule
  • it catalyses the formation of DNA from activated deoxyribose nucleotides, using single stranded DNA as a template
  • it catalyses the joining of the fragments of DNA produced from the lagging strand
  • it catalyses the untwisting of the DNA

5. What is the Codon

  • a triplet of bases on a length of mRNA
  • a triplet of bases on a tRNA molecule, complementary to the mRNA codon


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