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2. What did the first cell evolve in to?

  • Eukaryotic cells
  • Eukeryotic cells
  • Eurphoeratic cells
  • Eukantoic cells

3. Which element is closest to our muscles?

  • The decision centre
  • The action end
  • The sensory end

4. Name two functions of the brain

  • To use sensory input to guide movement and regulate internal organs
  • To maintain homoeostasis in the body and control movements
  • To control everything that occurs in the body as well as emotions
  • To use sensory input to initiate movement and regulate internal organs

5. Which is correct about the midbrain?

  • Uses sensory input to direct movement
  • It doesn't exist- the brain is only in two parts
  • Contains the cerebellum
  • Maintains state, temperature and pace


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