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2. Why cant plants photosynthesize at night?

  • Because there is no sunlight at night, the reaction cannot occur
  • Because it is dark and cold
  • They can, because there is still some remaining sunlight at night
  • Because they are not being fed or watred

3. The flow of water into a root, up the stem and out of the leaves is...

  • active transport
  • transpiration
  • transportation
  • translocation

4. osmosis goes from_____ to _______ on the concentration gradient

  • bottom, top
  • right, left
  • high, low
  • low, high
  • left, right
  • top, bottom

5. Photosynthesis occurs inside the...

  • mitochondria
  • chloroplasts
  • chlorofill
  • chloroforrm
  • nucleus


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