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2. Which hormone in the menstrual cycle maintains the lining of the uterus?

  • FSH
  • progesterone
  • oestrogen
  • LH

3. What happens when an enzyme becomes denatured?

  • still acts as a catalyst but slower
  • substrate changes shape to fit
  • lose their shape, doesn't work
  • speeds up the reaction even more

4. What is NOT a quality for photosynthesis?

  • carbon dioxide + water > glucose + oxygen
  • occurs in chloroplasts
  • occurs inside ribosomes
  • endothermic reaction

5. Which a quality of xylem? (the others are phloem)

  • all directions
  • move from leaves to rest of plant
  • transports water and minerals
  • made up of living cells
  • transports glucose


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