Biology 1 :- Life processes

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1. What is the job of the cell membrane?

  • To control what happens inside the cell
  • To control what substances go into and out of the cell.
  • To give a plant cell its shape.
  • To control what happens inside the cell
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2. What are the ways in which energy is lost through a food chain?

  • Respiration,Movement,Heat,Excretion.
  • Jumping,Dancing,Tennis
  • Movement,Eating,Playing

3. 3 Limiting factors that can affect Photosynthesis are ....

  • Temperature,Sunlight,Season
  • Light,CO2 and Temperature
  • Season,CO2,Light

4. Red blood cells are adapted to .....

  • Carry oxygen
  • Engulf pathogens
  • Do photosythesis

5. What are palisade leaf cells adapted for?

  • Photosythesis
  • Respiration
  • Combustion


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