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2. What are the ways in which energy is lost through a food chain?

  • Movement,Eating,Playing
  • Respiration,Movement,Heat,Excretion.
  • Jumping,Dancing,Tennis

3. What is the job of a Nucleus

  • To act as the "brain" of the cell
  • To support the cell and strengthen it.
  • To control what happens inside the cell.
  • To control what substances go into and out of the cell.

4. What is the function of the Mitochondria?

  • This is where most of the reactions of respiration take place.
  • Where protein is made.
  • Where chemical reactions take place.
  • Where photosynthesis takes place.

5. The Sperm and Egg are specialised for doing what?

  • Opening and Closing pores
  • Reproduction
  • Carrying oxygen


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