Biology Key Word Definitions (V-Z)

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What is vaccination?
Introducing small quantities of dead or inactive pathogens into the body to stimulate the white blood cells to produce antibodies that destroy the pathogens. This makes the person immune to future infection.
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What is a vaccine?
The dead or inactive pathogen material used in vaccination.
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What is a vacuum?
An area with little or no gas pressure.
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What does valid mean?
Suitability of the investigative procedure to answer the question being asked.
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What is a valve?
A structure which prevents the back flow of liquid, e.g. the valves of the heart or the veins.
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What is a variable?
Physical, chemical or biological quantity or characterstic.
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What is variegated?
Having different colours, e.g. a green and white leaf.
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What is a vena cava?
The large vein going into the right atrium of the heart carrying deoxygenated blood from the body.
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What is ventilated?
Movement of air into and out of the lungs.
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What are ventricles?
The large chambers at the bottom of the heart. The right ventricle pumps blood to the lungs, the left ventricle pumps blood around the body.
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What is villus?
A finger-like projection from the lining of the small intestine which increases the surface area for the absorption of digested food into the blood.
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What is a virus?
A microorganism which takes over body cells and reproduces rapidly, causing disease.
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What is a white blood cell?
A blood cell which is involved in the immune system of the body, engulfing bacteria, making antibodies and making antitoxins.
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What is wilting?
The process by which plants droop when they are short of water or too hot. This reduces further water loss and prevents cell damage.
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What is a withdrawal symptom?
The symptom experienced by a drug addict when they do not get the drug to which they are addicted.
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What is xylem?
The non-living transport tissue in plants, which transports water around the plant.
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What is a vaccine?


The dead or inactive pathogen material used in vaccination.

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What is a vacuum?


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What does valid mean?


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