Biology Key Word Definitions (Q-R)

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What is a quadrat?
A piece of apparatus for sampling organisms in the field.
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What is quantitative sampling?
Sampling which records the numbers of organisms rather than just the type.
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What is range?
The maximum and minimum values of the independent or dependent variables; important in ensuring that any pattern is detected.
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What is a receptor?
A special sensory cell that detects changes in the environment.
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What is recessive?
The characteristic that will show up in the offspring only if both of the alleles are inherited.
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What is a recipient?
The person who receives a donor organ.
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What is a red blood cell?
A blood cell which contains the red pigment haemoglobin. It is a biconcave disc in shape and gives the blood its red colour.
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What is a reflex?
A rapid automatic response of the nervous system that does not involve conscious thought.
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What is a reflex arc?
The sense organ, sensory neuron, relay neuron, motor neuron and effector organ which bring about a reflex action.
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What does rehydrate mean?
To restore water to a system.
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What does repeatable mean?
A measurement is reputable if the original experimenter repeats the investigation using same method and equipment and obtains the same results.
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What does reproducible mean?
A measurement is reproducible if the investigation is repeated by another person, or by using different equipment or techniques, and the same results are obtained.
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What is ribosome?
The site of protein synthesis in a cell.
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What is a root hair cell?
A cell on the root of a plant with microscopic hairs which increase the surface area for the absorption of water from the soil.
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What is quantitative sampling?


Sampling which records the numbers of organisms rather than just the type.

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What is range?


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What is a receptor?


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What is recessive?


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