Biology Key Word Definitions (D)

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What is a decomposer?
A microorganism that breaks down waste products and dead bodies.
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What is deforestation?
Removal of forests by felling, burning, etc.
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What does dehydrated mean?
Lacking in water.
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What does denature mean?
To change the shape of an enzyme so that it can no longer speed up a reaction.
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What is a dependent variable?
The variable for which the value is measured for each and every change in the independent variable.
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What is depression?
A mental illness that involves feelings of great sadness that interfere with everyday life.
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What is a detritus feeder?
Microorganism that breaks down waste products and dead bodies (decomposer).
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What does deoxygenated mean?
Lacking in oxygen.
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What is dialysis?
The process of cleansing the blood through a dialysis machine when the kidneys have failed.
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What is a dialysis machine?
The machine used to remove urea and excess mineral ions from the blood when the kidneys fail.
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What is a diaphragm?
A strong sheet of muscle that separates the thorax from the digestive organs, used to change the volume of the chest during ventilation of the lungs.
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What is differentiate?
Specialised for a particular function.
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What is diffusion?
The net movement of particles of a gas or a solute from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration (along a concentration gradient).
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What is digestion?
To break down into small molecules by the digestive enzymes.
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What are digestive juices?
The mixture of enzymes and other chemicals produced by the digestive system.
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What is the digestive system?
The organ system running from the mouth to the anus where food is digested.
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What is distillation?
A process which separates the components of a mixture on the basis of their different boiling points.
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What is a DNA fingerprint?
A pattern produced by analysing the DNA which can be used to identify an individual.
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What does domed mean?
A curved, domed shape.
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What is dominant?
The characteristic that will show up in the offspring even if only one of the alleles is inherited.
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What is a donor?
The person who gives material from their body to another person who needs healthy tissues or organs, e.g. blood, kidneys. Donors may be alive or dead.
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What is a double-blind trial?
A drug trial in which neither the patient nor the doctor knows if the patient is receiving the new drug or a placebo.
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What is double circulation?
The separate circulation of the blood from the heart to the lungs and then back to the heart and on to the body.
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What is a drug?
A chemical which causes changes in the body. Medical drugs cure disease or relieve symptoms. Recreational drugs alter the state of your mind and/or body.
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What is deforestation?


Removal of forests by felling, burning, etc.

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What does dehydrated mean?


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What does denature mean?


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What is a dependent variable?


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