Biology - Gas exchange in other organisms

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1. How do larger insects take in more oxygen on top of this?

  • squeezing their abdominal segments together, pumping air into the sacs
  • by flying faster so air travels in quicker
  • having a higher affinity of haemoglobin
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2. Air enters an insect through holes called

  • Mouth
  • Filaments
  • Spiracles
  • Trachea

3. What is located on the bony gill arches of a fish?

  • filaments
  • the operculum
  • more, smaller gills
  • lamellae

4. Bony fish have gill arches, where are these located?

  • by either side of their head
  • just below their fins
  • on their abdomen

5. From there, where does the water go in a fish

  • through the gills
  • down the oesophagus
  • out of the operculum


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