Biology - Gas exchange in other organisms

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1. Where these entrance holes located on the insects body

  • In their mouth
  • All over the body
  • Along the side of their body
  • By their rectum
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2. Where do tracheoles travel to in an insect?

  • to the brain
  • between cells and into muscle fibres, where respiration takes place
  • to the lungs
  • to the cells which complete respiration independently

3. What is the benefit of narrower tracheoles? (insect)

  • Shorter diffusion distance to each cell
  • larger surface area
  • larger surface area to volume ratio

4. What feature of a fish protects the gills from damage?

  • the operculum
  • their eyes
  • holes in the side of their head which work as ears
  • lamellae

5. What is on top of each of the filaments on a fish?

  • larynx
  • trachea
  • lamellae
  • blood vessels


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