Biology - Gas exchange in other organisms

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1. Why does having an exoskeleton make it difficult for gas exchange?

  • Due to their being no absorption through the exoskeleton
  • As it has a waxy surface making it waterproof which makes it difficult
  • Because there is no structure holding the gas exchange system together
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2. What feature of a fish protects the gills from damage?

  • lamellae
  • their eyes
  • the operculum
  • holes in the side of their head which work as ears

3. what directions do the water and blood flow in a fish

  • in opposite directions
  • blood moves to the left, water moves to the right
  • blood moves to the right, water moves to the left

4. Bony fish have gill arches, where are these located?

  • by either side of their head
  • just below their fins
  • on their abdomen

5. What is an adaptation insects have to prevent valuable water from escaping through the entrance holes?

  • They have no adaptations as there is no water loss
  • The holes can be opened and closed using tiny valves
  • The holes are on the upper half of the body to prevent water tipping out
  • The holes are very small to reduce water loss


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