Biology-Factors Affecting Health

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Your health is affected by?
Having an unbalanced diet
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What does malnourished mean?
People whose diet is badly out of balance
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Malnourished people can be?
fat or thin
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Eating too much can lead to?
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This is due to?
Excess carbs or fat
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Obesity is a common disorder in developed countries- Its defined as?
20%or more over recommended body mass
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Hormonal problems can lad to obesity, the usual case is?
Bad diet,overeating,lack of exercise
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Health problems include?
Arthritis,type 2 diabetes,high blood pressure,heart disease , risk of some kind of cancer
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Too much saturated fat in your diet can increase?
your blood cholestral
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eat too much can cause?
High blood pressure and heart problems
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Some people can suffer from lack of food due to?
undeveloped countires
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The effects of malnutrition vary depending on?
What foods are missing from diet
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Problems include?
Slow growth,fatigue,poor resistance to infection,and irregular periods in women
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Defeincy diseasese are casued by?
lack of vitamins or minerals
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For example?
A lack to vitamin C can cause scurvy , a deficiency disease that cause problems with skin,joints and gums
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People who usually exercise regularly are more?
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Exercise increases and decreases?
Increases the amount of energy used by the body and decreases the amount stored as fat
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It also builds more?
muscle and helps your metabolci rate
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So people who exercise are less likely to suffer from?
health problems such as obesity
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However, sometimes people can be fit but not healthy-for example?
you can be physically fit and slim but malnourished at the same time because your diet is not balanced
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Inherited factors-Your health can depend on?
inherited factors too
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Inherited factors some people may inherit factors that affect your metabolic rate for example?
Some inherited factors casue an underactice thyroid gland whcih can lower the metabolic rate and cause obesity
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It can effect thier?
Blood cholesterol level
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What is cholesterol?
Is a fatty substance thats essential for good health-found in every cell in the body
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Some inherited factors increase?
Blood cholesterol which increases the risk of heart disease
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What does malnourished mean?


People whose diet is badly out of balance

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Malnourished people can be?


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Eating too much can lead to?


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This is due to?


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