Biology - digestive system

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Muscle cells contain lots of ___ to provide energy for contracting.
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Muscle cells work together to form muscle ___
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Define tissue
Group of cells with similar structure and function
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Define organ
Group of tissues working together for specific function
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An example of this is the stomach. The stomach consists m___ tissues and g__ tissues (that release enzymes)
Muscle tissues. glandular tissues
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Oragns are grouped into o__ s__ that work together to form o__ (e.g. digestive system)
grouped into organ systems. From organisms
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Food contains nutrients such as c__(starch), p__, l__(fats). These are all large molecules that can't be absorbed into the bloodstream, so have to be d___
Carbohydrates, protein, lipids. Digested.
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During digestion, __ molecules are broken down into __ molecules by e___ so they can be absorbed into bloodstream.
Large broken into small by enzymes
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How is food digested in mouth?
Chewed. Enzymes in saliva digest starch into sugar
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Food then passes down the o___ (throat), into the stomach
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In the stomach, enzymes digest p___
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What does the stomach contain that helps enzymes with this?
Hydraulic acid
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How do the stomach muscles help?
Churning action helps turn food to fluid, increasing surface area that enzymes can digest
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The fluid then passes through the ____
Small inestine
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Chemicals are released at this point, from where?
Liver and pancrease
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The pancrease releases enzymes that continue to digest __ and __ and start digesting ___
Digests starch and protein. Start digest lipids
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Liver realeases ___
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Whta does the bile do?
Speeds lipids digestion. Neutralizes stomach acid
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The walls of intestine release __ to continue digestion of protein and lipids
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In intestine, small molecules are... (absorbed by...)
Absorbed into bloodstream by diffusion or active transport
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Fluid now goes into the large intestine, where... (water)
Water is absorbed into blood
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And lastly, faeces is released from the body. So to summarize, in the digestive system, __ food molecules are digested into __ molecules and the products of digestion are __ into the bloodstream
Large digested to small. Products absorbed
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The products are then used to build new c__, p__ and l__
Carbohydrates, protein, lipids
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Some of the glucose produced is used in __
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Muscle cells work together to form muscle ___



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Define tissue


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Define organ


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An example of this is the stomach. The stomach consists m___ tissues and g__ tissues (that release enzymes)


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