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Name the 3 types of neurons in a 'Reflex Arc'.
Sensory neuron, relay neuron and motor neuron.
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Define BMI.
BMI is a way to calculate a person's weight. It is calculated through weight (kg) divided by Height (cm) squared.
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What does it mean to be 'Malnourished'?
When you do not take in enough mineral ions or nutrients due to having an unbalanced diet.
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Name the 3 funtions of White Blood Cells in the immune system?
To engulf and ingest, to produce antibodies to attatch onto antigens to stick pathogens together ready to be ingested, and to produce antitoxins to eliminate toxins produced by pathogens.
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Define Biomass.
Biomass is the mass of living material of both plants and animals.
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Which hormones are produced in the menstrual cycle and where?
LSH is produced by the pituitary gland & causes egg to mature & stimulates Oestrogen. Oestrogen is produced in the ovaries, causing womb lining to thicken & stimulates LH. LH causes ovulation & is produced in pitutitary gland.
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Name the 7 nutrients.
Water, Mineral Ions, Proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates, Fibre, Vitamins
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Where is Insulin produced?
Insulin is produced in the liver and reduced glucose levels in the blood stream.
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Who discovered Penicillin?
Alexander Flemming in 1928.
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Suggest an adaptation of Cacti.
Fleshy stems to store water, Spines to reduce water loss through stomata as they are smaller leaves and so have a smaller surface area.
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Name the growth hormone in plants.
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Describe the process of Decay.
In warm, moist conditions detritus feeders break down the food to increase the surafce area of food molecules ready for the decomposers to return nutrients to the soil.
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Who's theory of evolution was wrong?
Jean- Baptiste Lamark.
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What is a Gravitropism?
A Gravitropism is a response made by a plant when roots grow towards gravity due to the growth hormone auxin.
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What are the drugs called that contain hormones given to women to stimulate the release of an egg?
Fertility drugs contain hormones to stimulate the release of mature eggs.
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What hormones are included in contraceptive drugs/pills?
Oestrogen and Progesterone are used in contraceptive drugs to limit the amount of FSH released by the pituitary gland.
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What is a Phototropism?
A phototropism is a plants response to light causing in to grow towards a light source.
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Define 'Natural Selection'.
Natural selection invloves survival of the fittest individual that is most suited for its environment due to variation amongst the population of the species.
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Name 'Good' Cholesterol and its purpose.
'Good' cholesterol is HDL (High Density Lipoproteins) that carries excess cholesterol back to the liver.
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What are animals in competition for in their environments?
Animals are in competition for food, potential mates and territory.
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What is the difference between Sexual and Asexual reproduction?
Sexual reproduction involves the fusion of two gametes (sex cells) to produce offspring, Asexual reproduction only involves genetic material from one parent and so no fusing of gametes occurs.
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Where is Cholesterol produced and why?
Cholsterol is produced in the liver and is used to make healthy cell membranes.
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Which conditions are controlled in the human body?
Temperature, Mineral ion concentration, blood sugar concentration, water content.
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Why are viruses difficult to treat?
Viruses reproduce inside cells and so can damage cells inside the body.
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How is genetic engineering carried out?
A specific gene is cut out of a chromosome using an enzyme and placed into the chromosome of another animal's DNA in order to give them desirable or enhanced characteristics.
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What can long-term obesity lead to?
Long-term obestity can lead to type 2 diabetes.
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What are embryo transplants?
Embryo transplanting is the process of dividing unspecialised cells into groups to produce genetically identical individuals in host animals.
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What do genes in DNA control?
Genes control the physical characteristics of an organism.
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Why is not all of the energy in a food chain tranferred to the final consumer of a food chain?
Energy is used by the different levels of the food chain through waste, movement, growth and releases energy through respiration.
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Why do arctic foxes have small ears?
Arctic foxes have small ears in order to reduce surface area and to reduce the amount of heat loss allowing them to retain heat to insulate their bodies.
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What form of pathogen is injected into a patient through a vaccine?
A vaccine uses an INACTIVE from of a pathogen to help develop the body's immune system.
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Define BMI.


BMI is a way to calculate a person's weight. It is calculated through weight (kg) divided by Height (cm) squared.

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What does it mean to be 'Malnourished'?


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Name the 3 funtions of White Blood Cells in the immune system?


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Define Biomass.


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