Biology- Cells and Respiration

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What does an animal cell contain?
Nucleus, Cytoplasm, Cell Membrane, Mitochondria
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What does a plant cell contain that and animal cell doesn't?
Cell Wall, Vacuole, Chloroplasts
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Describe the Nucleus
It controls what the cell does
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Describe Cytoplasm
Where chemical reactions take place
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Cell Membrane?
It holds the cell together
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Where aerobic respiration happens
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What does the cell wall do?
It supports the cell, made from cellulose
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What about the vacuole?
It is filled with cell sap ( a weak solution of salt and sugar)
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This is made out of chlorophyll which is needed for photosynthesis
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How are cells organised?
A group of similar cells make tissue. A group of different tissues make an organ. A group of different organs makes an organ system. A group of organ systems make a multicellular organism.
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What is Respiration?
The process of releasing energy from glucose
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What is aerobic respiration?
Where glucose uses oxygen to create energy.
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What is the word equation of aerobic respiration?
Glucose + oxygen -> Carbon Dioxide + water + Energy
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What is anaerobic respiration?
When glucose makes energy without oxygen. It usually happens when cells don't have enough oxygen, therefore producing a weaker energy.
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Are anaerobic respirations the same in each organism.
It happens differently in each type of organism.
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How does anaerobic respiration take place in humans?
It turns into lactic acid. This can build up in your muscles during exercise which can cause pain.
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What about in yeast?
It produces carbon dioxide and ethanol.
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What is fermentation?
It is when anaerobic respiration produces ethanol. This process is used for making beer.
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What does a plant cell contain that and animal cell doesn't?


Cell Wall, Vacuole, Chloroplasts

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Describe the Nucleus


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Describe Cytoplasm


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Cell Membrane?


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