Biology cell organelles

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1. What does the cell membrane do?

  • Controls entry and exit of chemicals into the cell.
  • Makes proteins.
  • Contains all genes on chromosomes and controls all activities of the cell.
  • Provides support.
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2. What do plasmids do?

  • Controls entry and exit of chemicals.
  • they are small bits of DNA that can be swapped with other cells.
  • Provide support to the cell.
  • Made of cell sap.

3. What do the mitochondria do?

  • For support to the cell.
  • Where oxygen is used and most of the respiration takes place.
  • Made of cell sap.
  • Makes proteins.

4. What do ribosomes do?

  • Made of cell sap.
  • All the proteins needed for the cell are made here.
  • Small bits of DNA.
  • Uses oxygen for respiration.

5. What does the cytoplasm do?

  • Controls all activities of the cell.
  • For support.
  • This is where chemical reactions for life occur.
  • Small bits of DNA.


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