Biology B1.1 Keeping Healthy

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what is needed for a balanced diet?
carbohydrates, proteins, water, minerals, fats, fibre, vitamins
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define malnourished
when you are lacking a certain food group and not getting a balanced diet
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define overweight
when the body carries excess fat and theior BMI is bvetween 25-30
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define starvation
when a person has a lack of food and does not consume energy
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what is metabolic rate?
the rate of chemical reactions in cells
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what are the affectors of metabolic rate?
activity level, gender, genetic factors
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what are the two types of chemical reactions for metaboilic rate?
catabolic and anabolic
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define catabolic reactions
breaking down large molecules into smaller molecules
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define anabolic reations
building large molecules from smaller molecules
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what are the factors affecting health?
genetic, environmental, metabolic rate
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how do you workout metabolic rate/
Body mass index (BMI) = mass (kg) / (height)2
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what are diseases caused by?
pathogenic organisms
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how are pathogens transmitted?
dfroplet infection, direct contact, food and drink, insects
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what are bacteria?
single-celled living organisms that are much smaller than animal and plant cells
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what are viruses?
even smaller than bacteria. they usually have regular shapes. viruses cause diseases in every type of living organism from people to bacteria
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white blood cells can do what?
ingest pathogens and destroy them, produce antibodies to destroy particular pathogens, produce antitoxins that counteract the toxins released by pathogens.
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what is an antigen?
the unique protein on the surface of a cell. it is recognised by the immune system as self or non-self
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what is immunisation/vaccination?
giving a vaccine that allows immunity to develop, without exposure to the disease itself
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what is a vaccine?
the dead or inactive pathogen material used in vaccination
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define malnourished


when you are lacking a certain food group and not getting a balanced diet

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define overweight


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define starvation


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what is metabolic rate?


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