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2. What are alleles?

  • Physical appearance e.g blue eyes or brown eyes
  • alternate forms of a gene e.g tall or brown eyes
  • genetic makeup e.g bb or BB
  • carry instructions for characteristics e.g eye colour

3. What is the order of classification?

  • Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus and Species
  • Kingdom, Class, Family, Order, Genus , Species and Phylum
  • Class, Kingdom, Family, Phylum, Order, Genus and Species
  • Family, Class, Order, Genus, Species,Phylum and Kingdom

4. Saprophytic feeder meaning

  • digesting food outside the body and then absorbing it
  • eating and digesting food
  • using energy source to make food

5. Homozygous dominant

  • bB
  • Bb
  • BB
  • bb


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