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2. What is a clone

  • I dont know
  • An organis with the smae genes and alleles
  • They are similar organims
  • They are the same organism

3. How do scientist crate cloned animals

  • Where they add half the chromosmes of the same subject to a sex cell
  • I dont know
  • When they remove the nuclus of an egg cell amd is replaced with a donor with the exact amount of chromosomes
  • Where they getically modify the dna

4. What does Ivf stand for

  • I dont know
  • in vitro fertililation
  • inviro fertililation
  • invitro fertililation

5. What is a haploid

  • A cell with different alleles
  • A sex cell with half of its chromosomes
  • A cell with its complete set of alleles
  • I dont know


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