Biology B1 1.1 Summary Questions

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1. Why does a 30 year old male need to eat more than an 80 year old female?

  • They both need equal amounts of food.
  • He uses more energy so he needs to provide his body with more chemical energy.
  • He doesnt. Little old ladies need more food
  • Because he's greedy
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2. Define Metabolic Rate

  • The rate at which the chemical reactions take place in the body
  • The reason everyone claims they can eat a lot and stay skinny
  • How quickly food passes through your system
  • How fast you gain weight.

3. Which 3 food groups provide the most energy?

  • Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins
  • Fats, Fibre. Minerals
  • Vitamins, Minerals, Fibre
  • None, they all provide the same amount.

4. Which is not a food group?

  • Meat
  • Fibre
  • Fat
  • Carbohydrates

5. What is a balanced diet?

  • Only eating vegetables
  • A diet with the right balances of all the food groups
  • Eating whatever you want when you want
  • A diet which contains the same levels of each food group


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