Biology 1.2 - Nerves and Hormones

Summary multiple choice quiz of all areas covered in the topic B1.2 - Nerves and Hormones.

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1. Other than the brain, what else could be the co-ordinator of a nervous response?

  • Synapse
  • Sensory neurone
  • Spinal cord
  • Heart
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2. What is negative geotropism?

  • Growth away from the sunlight
  • Growth away from the ground
  • Growth towards the sunlight
  • Growth away from water

3. Which two sensory organs are sensitive to chemicals?

  • Ears and Nose
  • Nose and Eyes
  • Nose and Tongue
  • Eyes and Ears

4. What name is used to describe a change in environment?

  • Neurone
  • Stimilus
  • Effective
  • Effector

5. Which of the following statements about IVF is TRUE?

  • It takes 12 days to know if IVF was successful
  • After a day outside the body, sperm die
  • Embryos cannot be frozen and stored, only eggs
  • Only men can be infertile


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