Biological Molecules: Lipids

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1. what is an ester bond?

  • a bond between an alcohol group and an acid group (formed by condensation reactions)
  • a bond between carbon atoms which causes unsaturated fats
  • a type of bond between two fatty acids (formed by hydrolysis)
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2. if a fatty acid has no C=C double bonds, it is...

  • saturated
  • unsaturated
  • single bonds

3. why are fatty acids hydrophobic?

  • because they are polar
  • because of their long hydrocarbon tails
  • because of the amount of oxygen molecules in their tails

4. if a fatty acid has many C=C double bonds, it is...

  • saturated
  • unsaturated
  • polyunsaturated
  • monounsaturated

5. what does hydrophobic mean?

  • insoluble in water, water-hating
  • soluble in water, water-loving
  • a type of reaction between water molecules


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