Biological Explanations of AN

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1. 2 Issue of sexual maturation repression theory

  • Too simplistic and gender bias
  • Cannot be applied to modern day and too simplistic
  • Gender bias, cannot be applied to men, causing difficulty in treating men AND isn't evolutionary as it doesn't aid survival, AN causes death, 20% of sufferers die from it
  • Gender bias and cannot be considered evolutionary
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2. Who suggested that pregnant women with AN give their child a double disadvantage of genetic vulnerability and lack of nutrients

  • Bulik et al.
  • Strober et al.
  • Lindberg and Hjem

3. Who suggested that girls will repress sexual maturation in unfavourable conditions by using extreme weight loss to do so?

  • Surbey
  • Kaye et al.
  • Becker et al.

4. What experiment found a link between premature birth and developing AN?

  • Lindberg and Hjem
  • Favaro et al.
  • Bulik et al.

5. Issue of Bulik et al

  • No causal relationship can be established
  • Too simplistic to suggest that AN is dependent upon development in pregnancy
  • No support suggesting that there is actually a genetic vulnerability to AN


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