Biological Explanations of AN

1. Issue of Bulik et al

  • No causal relationship can be established
  • Too simplistic to suggest that AN is dependent upon development in pregnancy
  • No support suggesting that there is actually a genetic vulnerability to AN
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2. What study found overactivity in dopamine receptors in the basal ganglia ?

  • Bailer
  • Bulik et al.
  • Kaye et al.
  • Siever

3. Issue of neural explanations

  • Reductionistic, more holistic model: Diathesis stress model
  • Too simplistic, alternative model involving biology and psychological factors

4. What study found highest levels of serotonin in those AN sufferers with the most anxiety?

  • Strober et al.
  • Bailer
  • Kaye et al.
  • Butler and Montgometry

5. What experiment found a link between premature birth and developing AN?

  • Bulik et al.
  • Lindberg and Hjem
  • Favaro et al.


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