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2. What Research Method did Casey use?

  • Controlled Observation
  • Experiment
  • Quasi Experiment
  • Lab Experiment

3. What is a problem with the go/no-go task used in Casey's study?

  • It is artificial and different from how we normally encounter and respond to facial expressions
  • It is normally used on children
  • It is time consuming
  • It isn't reliable

4. What Experimental Design did Casey use?

  • Repeated Measures
  • Independent Measures and Repeated Measures
  • Independent Measures
  • Matched Pairs and Independent Measures

5. Describe Sperry's sample?

  • 12 split-brain patients with epilepsy
  • 10 split-brain patients with epilepsy
  • 11 split-brain patients with epilepsy
  • 11 split-brain patients and 11 non-split-brain patients


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