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2. What type of experiment was this?

  • Quasi
  • Not a real one
  • Controlled
  • Field

3. Who suggested there were sex differences in the brain?

  • Sullivan and Galabaurda
  • Geswind and Galabaurda
  • Geeslouise and Gandalf-the-grey
  • Igotswind and Galabingo

4. What did they do?

  • Found that the amygdala was different in male and female brains
  • Understood that hormones affects the neurology of the brain in relation to gender
  • found that women had bigger brains than men
  • found that men had bigger brains than women

5. what is the difference between sex and gender?

  • Sex is the biology of why we are male or female
  • sex and gender confusion causes transsexualism
  • There is no difference
  • Gender depends on how you feel on the day


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