Biological influences on gender: roles of genes/hormones/brain differences

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1. Who suggested there were sex differences in the brain?

  • Sullivan and Galabaurda
  • Igotswind and Galabingo
  • Geswind and Galabaurda
  • Geeslouise and Gandalf-the-grey
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2. Males have the hormone _______. Females have the hormone _______.

  • Dopamine and Serotonin
  • Oestrogen and Testosterone
  • Testosterone and Oestrogen
  • Serotonin and Dopamine

3. What happened in the study?

  • raised as boys and remained boys
  • girls turned into boys then turned into lizards
  • raised as girls then developed and treated as males
  • boys turned into girls

4. Why did this occur?

  • Nobody knows
  • Due to an insensitivity to testosterone in the womb
  • They got bored of their own gender and did a switcheroo
  • Due to a sensitivity to oestrogen in the womb

5. How many chromosomes do each person have?

  • A pair of 23
  • A pair of 32
  • A pair of 18
  • A pair of 26


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