Biological explanation

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1. What are the two biological explanations?

  • Genetic influence and neurotransmitter dysfunction
  • Family studies, neurotransmitter imbalance
  • Neurotransmitter deficiency, Genes
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2. What are the four aspects?

  • Physical symptoms, appears to run in families, success of anti-depressants, injury or medication that gives rise to depression
  • Physical symptoms, neurotransmitter malfunction, success of anti-depressants, adaptive functions

3. What do post-mortem studies show about nor-adrenaline?

  • Increased density
  • Lower than normal levels

4. What is the concordance rate between identical twins?

  • 40%
  • 46%
  • 35%

5. What drug confirms the association between depression and serotonin?

  • SSRI's
  • Tricyclics


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