Biological approach

What does the biological approach suggest about human behaviour?
suggests that human behaviour is influenced by genes, biological structures, and biological processes.
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What are monozygotic twins?
identical twins
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What are dizygotic twins?
non-identical twins
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What do twin concordance rates show?
Show how much genetic basis human traits have
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How can the genetic basis of human traits be measured?
Comparing the concordance rates of MZ and DZ twins. If MZ have higher rates than DZ this suggests a genetic basis. This is because MZ twins share 100% of each others genes, and DZ twins share 50% of each others genes
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What is genotype?
genetic make-up of individuals
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What is phenotype?
characteristics of an individual through a combination of genes and environmental influences
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Genotype + Environment = ?
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What does phenotype and genotype argue about human behaviour?
MZ twins can have the same genotype, but have different phenotypes (if one stays fit, and the other gets fat). T.S.T human behaviour is determined by genes AND environment (nature and nurture)
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What is natural selection?
any genetically determined behaviour that enhances chances of survival of individual and following generations
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How does the theory of evolution support the biological approach?
Shows that biological/genetic changes impact behaviour and survival, thus suggesting a causal relationship between biology and behaviour
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How can research of the biological approach be considered reliable?
based on reliable data - fMRIs, EEG, twin studies
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Why is the biological approach being deterministic a bad thing?
Allowing individuals to claim that they had no control over their behaviour causes problems for the criminal justice system when prosecuting.
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What are monozygotic twins?


identical twins

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What are dizygotic twins?


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What do twin concordance rates show?


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How can the genetic basis of human traits be measured?


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