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What are Hormones?
-Chemical substances,released by glands,glands make up the endocrine system,travels through blood.
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-Signals are transported through the blood to reach the organ,-important to regulating menstrual cycle and homeostatic,-Effects last for a longer period,-slower response,signals transmitted by hormones.
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Nervous system.
-Faster response
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Which is faster Nervous System or Endocrine?
-Nervous system
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-Made by Pancreas,-Lowers blood sugar levels,-Encourages cells to take up glucose,-turns glucose to glycogen
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-Made in Pancreas,-Raises blood sugar levels-causes cells to break down glycagon into glucose,-releases glucose into blood.
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Sex Hormones.
-Follide Stimulating Hormone(FSH),-Lutensing Hormone(LH),-Oestrogen,-Progestrone.
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What does Follide Stimulating Hormone(FSH) do?
-Matures Egg,-Triggers ovaries to make Oestrogen.
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What does Lutensing Hormone(LH) do?
-Triggers release of egg(Ovulation).
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What does Oestrogen do?
-Prevents FSH release,-Repair Uterus lining.
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What does Progestrone do?
-Maintains the uterus lining.
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Where is Follide Stimulating Hormone(FSH) made?
-Pituitary gland.
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Where is Lutensing Hormone(LH) made?
-Pituitary gland.
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Where is Oestrogen made?
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Where is Progestrone made?
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Uses of Sex Hormones.
-Fertility drugs,-Hormone Replacement Therapy(HRT),-Contraception,-Chemical Castration.-Sex Change.
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What Fertility Drugs do.
-FSH(Follide Stimulating Hormone) matures the egg,more eggs released.
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Hormone Replacement Therapy(HRT)
-After Menopause,Hot flushes/mood swings,,Oestrogen & Progestrone
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-Oral contraceptive pill, Oestrogen stops FSH(Follide Stimulating Hormone),No mature Eggs.
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Chemical Castration.
-Used on Rapists and Paedophiles,-Oestrogen and Progesterone,Reduces sexual desire and develops feminine features
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Sex Changes.
-Male to Female(Oestrogen and Progesterone),Female to Male(Testosterone)
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-Womens' eggs gets FSH x10 days and LH x2 days,+75,000 sperms added to eggs,in 3-5 days the best embryos are chosen and places back into her uterus.
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What does contraception do?
Contraception is something that stops a women becoming pregnant,and sometimes prevents STDs.
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What does the Endocrine system release?
-It releases Hormones.
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-Made by the Thyroxine gland,Stimulates metabolic rate and plays an important role in growth and development
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Basal Metabolic Rate( BMR).
-Basal Metabolic Rate( BMR) is the amount of energy expended while at rest.
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Types of Contraception.
-The Contraceptive Pill,-Condom,-Birth Control Pill,-IUD or -Morning after Pill.
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Thyroid Stimulating Hormone(TSH).
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What are Hormones?


-Chemical substances,released by glands,glands make up the endocrine system,travels through blood.

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Nervous system.


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Which is faster Nervous System or Endocrine?


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