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2. Other than replacing lost ions, why must potassium ions be in an ORS?

  • To stimulate appetite
  • To provide energy
  • To make use of carrier proteins
  • To make diffusion easier

3. What is the MAIN cause of air being forced out during normal breathing?

  • The diaphragm relaxing
  • The recoil of the elastic lungs
  • The increased volume of the thorax
  • The decreased volume of the thorax

4. When is air forced into the lungs?

  • When atmospheric pressure is the same as pulmonary pressure
  • When atmospheric pressure is greater than pulmonary pressure
  • When pulmonary pressure is greater than atmospheric pressure

5. Why do non-competitive inhibitors stop an enzyme from functioning?

  • They alter the enzyme's shape
  • They kill it
  • They stop it respiring
  • They bind to the active site


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