BIOL124 - Lecture 6 - Hormonal Sexual Develpment

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What are sex steroids synthesised from?
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Where are androgens made?
The testes, adrenal glands
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Where are oestrogens made?
Ovaries, plcenta
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Where are progestins made?
Ovaries, placenta
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What is MIH?
Mullerian Inhibiting Hormone- it causes the Mullerian duct to degenerate
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What is TS?
Testosterone - it is required for Wolffian duct development
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So men have a Mullerian duct?
No - it becomes the oviduct in women
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Do women have a Wolffian duct?
No - it becomes the Vas deferens in men
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What is the effect that testosterone has on the external sexual differentiation between males and females?
It causes the male to develop the body of penis and scrotal swelling. Eventualyl it results in a prepuce and scrotum.
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What is embryogenesis?
It is Primodal germ cell (PGC) migration to the gonads.
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Males are quiescent until puberty, true or false?
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How many follicles do women have at birth?
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What happens to the Oogonia in women?
They divide and all enter meiosis I, they arrest at prophase meiosis I as primary oocytes.
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Hormonal control of the testes - from puberty- what happens?
The hypothalamus releases GnRH. which stimulates that anterior pituitary to release FSH and LH.f
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What is GnRH?
Gonadotropin Releasing hormone
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What does Testosterone do?
It has effects on the CNS, it stimulates bone and muscle growth. It is important for secondary sexual characteristics and maintenance of accessory glands.
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What is the seminiferous tubule?
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What happens at puberty that causes completion of meiosis I for the primary oocytes?
The LH surge
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When is the secondary oocyte released?
At ovulation
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What is the reproductive cycle of the female?
1.) Primary oocyte within follicle.2.) Growing follicle.3.) Mature follicle.4.)Ovulation
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The influx of LH and FSH resultings in the production of the hormone
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Which hormones are involved in pregnancy?
hCG stimulates luteum secretion. It is detected in pregnancy tests.
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What is hCG?
Human chorionic gonadotropin
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Where are androgens made?


The testes, adrenal glands

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Where are oestrogens made?


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Where are progestins made?


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What is MIH?


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