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Define Habitat Diversity
Number of different habitats found in an area.
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Define Species richness
Mean number of different species living in a particular area
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Define Species evenness
Mean measure of the abundance of each species in an area
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Define Genetic Diversity
Variety of Genes that make up a species
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Where in the world is biodiviersity greatest?
Closer to the equator
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Why does greater genetic biodiversity give speices better chance of survival?
Increases chance for adaptation for a changing environment.
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What is random sampling?
Selecting individuals by chance
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What is non-random sampling?
Sample not chosen randomly
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Name 3 methods of non-random sampling.
Opportunistic, Stratefied, Systematic
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What is Opportunistic sampling?
Use organisms conveniently available
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What is Stratefied sampling?
Divide population into subgroups and take proportional sample
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What is Systematic sampling?
Line or belt transect
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What does a Pooter do?
Catch small insects
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What does a Pitfall trap catch?
Crawling invertebrates
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What factors affect biodiversity?
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What are abiotic factors?
Non-living factors in a habitat eg wind
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Give an ecological reason for maintaining Biology.
All organisms depend on each other for survival and removing keystone species could have large impacts
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Give an economical reason for maintaining Biology.
Organisms that become extinct may have had a key role in new medicines and chemicals
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Give an aesthetic reason for maintaining Biology.
Presence of different plants and animals enriches our lives
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Name 2 international agreements to protect species and habitats.
CBD (Rio convention) and CITES
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What do CITES do?
Prevents overexploitation by regulating trade
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Define Species richness


Mean number of different species living in a particular area

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Define Species evenness


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Define Genetic Diversity


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Where in the world is biodiviersity greatest?


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