Best Practice or Best Fit

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Boxall and Purcell (2011)
Three levels organisations must consider when deciding upon HR strategy: industry, societal and organisational.
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Newman and Nollen (1996)
Higher financial performance where HR practices were more congruent with local culture.
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Hofstede (1980)
Problem with trying to specify a set of cross-culturally best HR practices due to significant differences in culture amongst countries.
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Pfeffer (1998)
List of High Commitment HR practices, e.g employment security, selective hiring and extensive training
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Becker and Gerhart (1996)
Pfeffer list too much diversity, originally consisted of 16 practices.
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Legge (1978)
Questions the idea of best practice. Best practice for whom?
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Rowley and Lewis (1999)
isolating cultural variables can be difficult.
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Example where employment security not applicable
E.g. Korea during 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, government pressured organisations to abandon lifetime employment schemes.
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Rowley and Benson (2000)
Too simplistic to assume can maintain a competitive advantage whilst competing but operating in the same way.
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Adler et al (1986)
Best practice exists on the macro level, in terms of structure and technology, however, best fit exists in the micro level through dissimilarities in culture.
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Ichniowski and Shaw (1999)
US and Japanese Steel Plants. Where US and Japanese had similar performance, US plants adopt principles evident in Japanese organisations, e.g. employee-driven decision-making, however, adapted principle to be in line with local law and culture.
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Doeringer et al. (2003)
suggests that organisations should emulate a set of core principles and adapt them to the context
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Newman and Nollen (1996)


Higher financial performance where HR practices were more congruent with local culture.

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Hofstede (1980)


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Pfeffer (1998)


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Becker and Gerhart (1996)


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