Beofre U.S. involvemnet summary questions.

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1. What was the full name of Ho chi Minh's movemnet?

  • Vietnamese independance and equality Leauge
  • Vietnam Independant Leauge
  • Vietnamese Socialist Leauge
  • Vietnamese Independance Movement
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2. What about the Americans impressed Ho?

  • Their diplomatic ability
  • Their economic and military strength.
  • Thei Commitment to freedom

3. Where did Ho visit in 1924 and what was his impression?

  • D.C. he left unimpressed beecasue the Americans refused him help.
  • Moscow, he left unimpressed as the Soviet leaders were'nt interested
  • Paris, he was impressed because he thought they would help him achive a capitalist Vietnam.

4. Why did Roosevelt later decide in 1943 to entrust Vietnam to an international trusteeship?

  • He decided that the French had 'milked' Indochina for 100 years and had left them worse than before.
  • He felt that Vietnam needed nurturing more than thew French could offer
  • He wanted influence in Vietnam

5. When did Roosevelt die and who replaced him?

  • May 1945 Eisenhower
  • May 1945 Truman
  • April 1945 and Truman
  • April 1945 Eisenhower


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