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1. Why did the U.S.'s issue with China affect Vietnam?

  • They feared failure in Vietnam would intensfy the failure of China
  • They feared even more communist expansion and when China accepted the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in 1950 the U.S. responded by recognising the French "Assosiated State Of Vietnam
  • They feared that China would use Vietnam as a puppet
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2. To what age was Boa Dai educated and where?

  • 19 in France
  • 21 in London
  • 18 in France
  • 18 in Vietnam

3. What did the Vietminh offer the people of Vietnam?

  • A benificial partnership wth the USA
  • Fairer distribution of wealth, Power and Freedom from foreighners
  • A benificial partnership with the USSR
  • Jobs, security, homes

4. Why did the U.S. oppinion of the U.S.S.R. affect Vietnam?

  • The USSR made relations with Vietnam impossible
  • They were convinced Ho was a puppet of the Kremlin.
  • They were convinced Ho had more alligence to the USSR

5. What was the belife abaout communism after WW2?

  • Democracy was endangered all over the world if communism was allowed to spread
  • Communism threatened international free trade and democratic ideals essential to American security.
  • Communist threatened the liveleyhood of everyday Americans


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