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2. Where did Ho visit in 1924 and what was his impression?

  • D.C. he left unimpressed beecasue the Americans refused him help.
  • Moscow, he left unimpressed as the Soviet leaders were'nt interested
  • Paris, he was impressed because he thought they would help him achive a capitalist Vietnam.

3. What did Truman assure the French of?

  • That they would make thwir commiment to the French known
  • That America recognised their preeminant position in Indochina.
  • That they would suppoet the Frech in a war against Vietnam

4. How did Ho try tp flatter the Americans in 1945?

  • He asked them to help him write his speach given to thousands of defeated Japanese.
  • He asked them to help him run Vietnam.
  • He asked their opinion of Foreign policy
  • He asked them to write him a speech that would be heard by thiusands

5. Which declaration made Ho believe he could rely o Western Powers to aid him in the fight against foreign powers?

  • The American Declaration of independance in which it was stated all men are created equal
  • The Truman Doctorine
  • The Declaration of a Communist China


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