Beofre U.S. involvemnet summary questions.

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1. What was the belife abaout communism after WW2?

  • Democracy was endangered all over the world if communism was allowed to spread
  • Communism threatened international free trade and democratic ideals essential to American security.
  • Communist threatened the liveleyhood of everyday Americans
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2. In Ho's 1945 speach what did he declare and how?

  • He declared the independance of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and began by quoting the American declaration of independance.
  • He Declare the independance of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam using the American constitiution.
  • He declared Vietnam a joint republic with the American ambassdors help

3. Who was Bo Dai?

  • The French ambassador for Vietnam.
  • The Emporor of Vietnam.
  • The President of Vietnam.

4. Which declaration made Ho believe he could rely o Western Powers to aid him in the fight against foreign powers?

  • The Declaration of a Communist China
  • The American Declaration of independance in which it was stated all men are created equal
  • The Truman Doctorine

5. What was the full name of Ho chi Minh's movemnet?

  • Vietnamese Socialist Leauge
  • Vietnamese independance and equality Leauge
  • Vietnam Independant Leauge
  • Vietnamese Independance Movement


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