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2. What did the Vietminh offer the people of Vietnam?

  • Fairer distribution of wealth, Power and Freedom from foreighners
  • Jobs, security, homes
  • A benificial partnership with the USSR
  • A benificial partnership wth the USA

3. In Ho's 1945 speach what did he declare and how?

  • He declared Vietnam a joint republic with the American ambassdors help
  • He declared the independance of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and began by quoting the American declaration of independance.
  • He Declare the independance of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam using the American constitiution.

4. Why had the Americans stopped cooperating with Ho?

  • Embrrasment over China
  • Lack of trust between Ho and the Americans
  • Increasign anti-communist feeling
  • Fears about relations with the USSR

5. What happened in September 1945?

  • Some Vietminh clashed with French troops.
  • French troops attacked the Vietnamese people
  • The Vietnamese peopel rebelled againt Boa Dai


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