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2. Benzene undergoes

  • nucleophilic addition reactions
  • electrophilic addition reactions
  • electrophilic substitution reactions
  • nucleophilic substitution reactions

3. Evidence for delocalisation

  • all deltaH found to be -360kjmol^-1
  • all deltaH found to be -208kjmol^-1
  • deltaH found to be different for each bond
  • deltaH found to be -2998kjmol^-1

4. What is a problem with Kekule's structure?

  • too complicated
  • Doesn't account for equal 120 degree bond angles
  • Doesnt show the right number of hydrogens
  • Doesnt show 6 carbons

5. benzene is a stable molecule due to

  • the delocalised ring of electrons
  • the shape
  • the size of atom
  • the number of carbons



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