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2. What does the circle in the delocalised model represent?

  • centre of atom
  • carbon atoms
  • delocalised electrons
  • hydrogen atoms

3. Evidence for delocalisation

  • all deltaH found to be -360kjmol^-1
  • deltaH found to be -2998kjmol^-1
  • all deltaH found to be -208kjmol^-1
  • deltaH found to be different for each bond

4. Benzene undergoes

  • nucleophilic substitution reactions
  • electrophilic substitution reactions
  • electrophilic addition reactions
  • nucleophilic addition reactions

5. Conditions for nitration of benzene?

  • 50 degrees celcius, H2S04 catalyst
  • Room temp, no catalyst
  • 100 degrees celcius, NaOH catalyst
  • 298K, no catalyst



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