Benjamin Disreali Second Ministry

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1874 Factory act
reduced hours of work to 10 per day, Half day on Saturday, Royal commision established to maintain conditions, no children could work in mills under 9.
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1874 Tax
Reduction of income tax, abolished tax on sugar, gave greater grants to local authorities.
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1874 intoxicating liquors act
attempt to stop working class from drininking too much- Extension of 1972 licensing act, restricted opening and closing hours, regulated content of beer, gave local authorities the power to determine licensing hours, gave prohibiton option.
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1874 Establishment of sinking fund to cut debt
charge for public debt fixed at £28 million per year, money left over from payment of interest should go to reduction debt.
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1875 public health act
unified all previous legislation under one act, established checks on sewage and drains, towns had to have pavement and lighting, tried to combat diseases such as cholera.
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1875 consipracy and protection of property act
decriminilised T.U.'s action, allowed T.U.'s picketing, masters must ensure servants are sufficiently clothed, made some forms of stalking illegal stop T.U.'s stalked bosses to intimidate.
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1875 Friendly scoieties act
encoruaged friendly socieities to agreet ot regulations imposed by govt for better pensions and the legal right to own property.
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1875 unseaworthy ships act
ensured ships were safe and not overloaded with cargo, sailors not legally obliged to travel on unseaworthy ship
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1875 Artisans and labourers dwelling improvement act
Aimed to clear slums, compelled owners of slum dwelling to sell to councils, took advantage of lower than normal interest rates from the govt, demilished areas of slum housing by commerical builder- only 10/87 towns used it- Birmingham biggest to do
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1875 education act
lord sandon driving force, school attendance comitees estab, parent legally responsible for ensuring children recieve basic reading and writing, comitees could pay for school if parents too poor.
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1875 sale of food and drugs act
prohibition of mixing dangerous food and drugs, if seller didnt know ingredients are unsafe they could be exempt, prohibition of removing food from packaged goods and reselling.
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1875 rivers pollution act
aimed to clean GB's dirty rivers, polluters given 12 years to correct practices, prosecutions only viable by local govt, notably success in cleaning up GB's rivers.
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1875 agricultural holdings act
protected farmers in england and wales, if evicted tennants would recieve comp for any improvements they had made.
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1875 enclosures act
protected rural areas of common land.
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Ottoman empire
Sick man of europe and balkans states wanted indepence, GB wanted strong ott emp coz of trade n wanted to stop Rus influcence in Balk which would threat GB-INDIA, Disi keen to play active role-"its not agreable for state like eng not to get involved"
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Revolt in Bosnia by Orthodox Chrisitains against Islamic-Turkish rule
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Berlin Memorandum- proclamation by European countries asking Turkey to become more tolerant-dis refused to sign as he believed Turkey would become weak.
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Revolt spread to Greece + Bulgaria, Turkey pressured into calling a truce. however, dis sent fleet to the area to deter rus from intervining and turkey again believed they had Gb support- BELGIAN ATROCITIES- massacre of 12000 christians outrage in GB
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Russia declares war in defence of Christians, GB public rserves opinion to pro-turkish as they felt threatened
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1878 Russo Turkish war
Dis dispatches fleet to area to force russians to back down= lord Carnnon and Derby resigned in protest at agressive action.
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Congress of Berlin
Dis and other reverse many of treatys terms and halt the spread of russian influence in the balnkans, GB gains cyprus- important naval base
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1875 Purchase of Suez Canal shares
important trade route between europe and east. dis took opport without cabinet approval-went to QV to purchase khedives share in canal. GB now owned 44% france owned rest. huge advantage for trade+transport troops, gave gb land in middle east.
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1876 Royal Titles act
suggest of queen, Dis created title empress of india= QV and dis became good friends as she believed in her empire. strengthened links with colony= lord beaconsfield
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1877 Confediration of South Africa 1877
Lord cornanon wanted conderate 3 British colonies into one state which would increase GB influence in scramble for Africa
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1878 Zulu wars
Zulu opposed confediration and threatened GBs interests. sir Bartle frere sent to give express instructions from Dis not to start war, his ultimatium to the kingdom was ignored and he invaded zulu land.
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1878 Zululand
16000 troops under lord chelmsford were defeated at Islandiwana= humiliation for GB as army defeated by speers and shields. sent Larger force 4 victory. Dis asked assistance of boers and return would give freedom- massive problems in future.
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1878-1879 Afghan Wars
Lord Lytton wanted to secure India by controlling Afghanistan- attractive 2 Russia as well. Lytton sent a diplomatic mission to covince amir to become pro GB, Rus mission reached Kabul an Brit refused entry. Lytton invaded and forcefully removed amir
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1874 Tax


Reduction of income tax, abolished tax on sugar, gave greater grants to local authorities.

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1874 intoxicating liquors act


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1874 Establishment of sinking fund to cut debt


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