Believing In God

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believing that God does not exist
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God is kind
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life changing by giving yourself to god
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breaking the law of science & thinking god only done it
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feeling presence of something greater than you
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moral evil
actions done by humans causing suffering
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1a) 3 reasons for religious upbringing
1. catholics baptise children at a young age 2. children taught to pray & go to church 3. some children go to "Sunday school", encouragement of being a good christian
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3ai) 2 experiences of Natural World
Design Argument: universe designed by extremely clever person not by accident, possible designer of the universe must be God
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3aii) 2 experiences of Natural World
Causation Argument: universe has a beginning then something must have caused it, not by accident as brought to existence
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1bi) 3 scientific Explanations of the world & unanswered prayers
1. science is true but God controlled process 2. science & bible are correct/ 7 days of creation 3. science is wrong! God made world look older 4. god not answering "good" prayers
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2b) 2 problems of evil & suffering & christians attitudes
1. god created people with free will 1a. prayer; asking god to help those who are suffering 2. life is a test. choose evil suffering happens 2a. service; actively helping those who suffer
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MEDIA 3 reasons god exists
1. bruce messes up even with gods power 2. gods existence not questioned 3. shows problems with free will
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MEDIA 3 reasons god does not exist
1. mocks alot of miracles 2. shows god in human form 3. god is all powerful, C believe god is everywhere
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