Believing in god

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1. what is the red shift effect ?

  • a big explosion you can see through a telescope
  • when you see a red star
  • seethrough a telescope and see red then the universe is expanding
  • when you see the universe moving around you and there is red
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2. what does omnicient mean?

  • prescence
  • all powerfall
  • all knowing
  • all loving

3. what does conversion mean?

  • when something impossible happens.
  • when you see angels
  • when someone wants to change there religion or life because they saw god.
  • feeliing of something more than you.

4. what is a miracle?

  • when something impossible happens
  • when you feel special
  • when you see ghosts
  • when you try to contact god

5. what is an atheist?

  • someone who believes in god
  • someone who isnt sure if they believe in god
  • someone who doesnt believe in god at all
  • someone who is talented


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