Beliefs in Society

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1. what did bellah mean by civil religion

  • a secular religion that unites people in multi-faith societies by instilling a spiritual patroitism
  • religion that is not spiritual
  • the government controlling beliefs
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2. durkheim's definition of collective conscience

  • set of values and morals shared by everyone in society
  • bringing people together
  • mindset of people

3. what is a marxist view on religion

  • religion enforces a false class consciousness
  • religion is destructive
  • religion inhibits social change

4. what is totemism

  • the belief in objects in the natutal world
  • the worship of an object or animal that has a divine significance
  • the sacrifice of an idol in primitive socities

5. which of these is not a function of religion according to durkheim

  • collective conscience
  • social solidarity
  • help people cope with difficulties
  • conservative force


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