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2. What is the moral arguement?

  • The arguement that there was a first cause, and that was God
  • The argument that humans know what is right and wrong this is there conscience from God
  • The arguement that there must of been a designer of the earth as it is so perfectly designed, the designer was God
  • The arguement that God is greater than anything anyone can think of

3. What is incarnate?

  • When you come back from the dead
  • When you multiply other christians
  • The doctrine that God took human form on jesus
  • when you have sex with someone your related to

4. What is trinity?

  • When you have holy water on your forehead
  • The Christian belief that God is three seperate persons within one- The father, son and the holy spirit
  • When you pray at a church

5. What is forgiveness?

  • When God forgives you for your sins
  • Forgiveness is taught widely over christiantity as one of the main prayers (the lords prayer) teaches to forgive
  • When you thank god for giving you this bread and wine


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