Behaviourist, cognitive and some Social learning theory

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1. what is the only strength of behaviourism?

  • No underlying reasons explained
  • Learned helplessness
  • reductionism
  • assumptions
  • development of psychology
  • changeableness
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2. All behaviour is learnt through what three things according to bahaviourists?

  • past experiences, environment, childhood experiences
  • conditioning, relationships with other people, envirionment
  • conditioning, past experiences and the environment
  • environment, early childhood development, conditioning

3. Why do behaviourists reject freud's work?

  • it is not applicable
  • It is not scientific/measureable
  • it is not succinct
  • it is not reliable

4. What other approach do behaviourists reject? (asside from freud's work)

  • bahaviourist
  • biological
  • cognitive
  • psychodynamic
  • humanist

5. Reject the idea that what type of factors affect human behaviour?

  • Innate
  • diet
  • poverty
  • mental illness


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