Barrister qualifications and training

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1. What does BPTC stand for?

  • Barrister Practical Training Course
  • Bar Professional Training Course
  • Bar Pupilage Training (at) Court
  • Bar Pupilage Training Course
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2. How long is the GDL or CPE

  • 8 week long course
  • 6 months full time, 1 year part time
  • 1 year full time, 2 years part time
  • 2 years full time, 3 years part time

3. What is the first step to becoming a barrister?

  • Becoming a solicitor
  • Completing A-Levels
  • Studying any subject at university followed by a CPE or GDL
  • Studying LLB Law at university

4. What does CPE stand for?

  • Common Practice Examination
  • Common Professional Examination
  • Common Pupilage Examination
  • Court Prior Examination

5. What is the GDL and CPE?

  • Work experience training at a barrister's office
  • Qualifying barrister degree
  • Law conversion courses
  • Barrister training courses


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