Barrister qualifications and training

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1. Upon completion of the BPTC they are...

  • Officially a barrister and able to practice
  • Required to complete an LPC
  • Called to the Bar
  • Required to complete a pupilage of two six month periods
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2. What does the BPTC include?

  • Training to become a legal ombudsman
  • Common law, Family Law, Tort Law, Commercial Law
  • Practical training, case preparation, advocacy, negotiation, interviewing skills, drafting options
  • Conveyancing, finance law, certificate of advocacy, tort law

3. What is the non-educational route to becoming a barrister?

  • BTEC Level 3 Law followed by CPE
  • None
  • Ilex
  • Training at a barristers office

4. What does BPTC stand for?

  • Bar Professional Training Course
  • Barrister Practical Training Course
  • Bar Pupilage Training Course
  • Bar Pupilage Training (at) Court

5. Which combination are core subjects?

  • Employment law, public international law, family law
  • Criminal law, tort law and public law
  • Human rights, jurisprudence, child and family law
  • English legal system, legal method


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