Bangladesh Flooding

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160 million
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$548 per capita
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Life expectancy
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Low magnitude flooding
Some flooding is important to the economy, eg. wet rice farming
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Major floods
1987, 1988, 1998, 2004 & 2007
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Physical: floodplain
80% of the country is a floodplain, 70% is less than 1m above sea level
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Monsoon climate
most areas have 1800-2000mm per year, concentrated from June to September. This coincides with Himalayan snowmelt
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Human: deforestation
RPG has led to deforestation for timber, fuel and grazing land. In Nepal, 50% of the forest cover existing in 1950 has gone.
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Soil erosion due to deforestation
Topsoil is deposited in the river, limiting potential discharge. The bed of the Brahmaputra is rising 5cm per annum
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What happened in 1998?
70% of the country was flooded for over 70 days, affecting 70% of the population
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Electricity cut off for several weeks, wells were flooded - drinking water was polluted, 7 million homes destroyed, 25 million homeless, 1300 killed
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In many areas, only the tops of trees and buildings were seen. In Dhaka, water was 2m deep and covered 70% of the city
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2 million tonnes of rice (25% of crop) was destroyed. Most of jute, sugar cane and vegetables were destroyed, + 500,000 cattle, 1000s of km of road, 1/3 of railways + Dhaka airport
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$1.5 billion
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Flood Action Plan
Since 1989, 26 action points
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Valley sides with native species, coast with mangroves
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7 large dams developed to provide up to 15 floodwater storage systems
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strengthened along main channels to 7m tall. Over 7500km already in place, costing $6 billion, but incomplete due to corruption and lack of funding
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Controlled flooding
land is compartmentalised, with water flow controlledby channels, water pumps and gates. In the dry season, water is moved for irrigation. In the wet season it is drained.
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Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre in Dhaka - satellite imaging used to forecast, giving more lead time, sending warnings to the whole country
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Disaster Response Management
provides damage assessment to help streamline government responses and to help donors channel funds
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ensures rural population knows how to react. Due to traditional societies disapproving of women/men mixing, children can pass on information to their parents
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5000 flood shelters built - on stilts and accessed by ladders. Flag system: 1=warning, 2=be prepared, 3=get to the shelter immediately
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Megan Stewart

life expectancy is 70 in Bangladesh that figure is way out of date, other than that great facts!

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