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What was the name of the WEU Secretary- General
Van Eekelen
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Who said "our credibility is zero because we are just not doing anything."
WEU Secretary General Van-Eekelen
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What year were the Brioni Accords
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Who sponsored the Brioni Accords in 1991
The EU
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Who coined term 'the hour of Europe' in 1991
Jacques Poos
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What did Jacquees Poos call for in 1991
'The Hour of Europe'
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How much UN humanitarian aid went to rival armies
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40% of UN Humnitarian Aid actually went towards what?
Feeding rival armies
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How much funding did PHARE programme provide to BandH and when
$1bn 1996-99
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What does EUPM stand for
EU Police Mission
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When was EUPM deployed
Jan 2003
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By 2000 how much was the holding op in BandH costing
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How many NATO troops involved in operation Essential harvest?
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Where was Operation Allied Force
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What did Operation Allied Force Reveal about EU
EU capability deficits and technology gap
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What was stated at the Thessaloniki Declaration 2003
The future of the balkans is within the European Union... The speed of movement ahead lies in hands of the countries in the region'
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Western Balkans Population = ?
22 Million
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What did 2006 Montenegro referendum on independence find
55% for independence 45% against
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Why is Kosovo regarded as an Unviable microstate
It has a €1.6bn trade deficit which equates to 42.9% of GDP
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What were Commission President Delors' Three Key Tools in Balkans
Economic Sanctions, Public Opinion and Potential Recognition of Breakaway Republics
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What does ECMM stand for
European Community Monitoring Mission
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What was a successful act of EU and its MS
Withdrawing all diplomats from Belgrade and expelling Serbia from Conference on Security & Coop in Europe
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Name some problems in the Balks
Expectation raising hubris, intra-institutional wrangling, Budget lines, MS discord, Weak coordination with other security actors, transatlantic relations
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What is Marsh and Rees' view of EU involvement of Yugoslav war
'The EU arguably precipitated Yugoslavia's descent into civil war.'
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What did WEU SG Van Eeklen say about Balkans
'Our credibility has fallen very low in the Balkans... we are looking for the US to take the lead again.'
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What was the Vance Owen Peace Plan
Superseded the Carrington Commission. A jointly run EC-UN int. conference
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What was the main argument about ECMM
funding: where should the $48mn come from
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What did UK accuse French President Mitterrand of in 1992
'Playing "cavalier seul" ' by going to Sarajevo alone to break siege
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What undermined UN/EU arms embargoes
Covert German, US and allied military aids and materials to Croatia and muslim Bosnia
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Who put a unilateral trade embargo on FYROM in 1994
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What effect did Greece's embargo on FYROM have in 1994
Effectively blocked FYROM from all EU imports as port of Thessaloniki is blocked.
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Which states declared independence in 1991
Croatia and Slovenia
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Which country did France preffer to work with in Balkans crises
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What was conservative government accused of in 1994
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Which two nations agreed about maintaining the Sovereign territory of Yugoslavia
Britain and France
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Which countries supported maintenance of Yugoslav federation
Britain, France, Greece, Spain
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Which Helskini Final Act principles did they rely on
iii) inviolability of borders IV) territorial integrity and VI) non-intervention in internal affairs of another sovereign nation
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Which country was sympathetic towards independence
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Why was Germany sympathetic towards calls for independence
Influenced by its croatian community, 50% investment in the region, Bavaria had close ties through the Alpe-Adris assoc. German reunification
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Which Helsinki principle did Germany rely on
VIII - right to self determination
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What did Germany do
Unilaterally recognised independence of Croatia and Slovenia (irrespective of commitments made to maastricht and CFSP)
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What was the name of the EU committee tasked with overseeing declaration of independence
Badinter Committee
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What did the Badinter Committee find in the case of Croatia
Croatia did not have an adequate safeguard for minority rights and HR
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What rendered Badinter Committee's findings towards Croatia academic
Germany's unilateral recognition of their independence
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What did Badinter Committee find in the case of B and H
failed to satisfy the criteria but was granted recognition
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What did the Badinter committee find in the case of FYROM
It met the recognition criteria but was blocked by a veto from Greece (over FYROMs claims to territory in Greek macedonia)
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Why were London/Paris divided over decision to apply force
UK did not want to give way to France's desire to weaken NATO
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What was NATO Op-plan 40-104
Contingency plan to remove UNPROFOR troops. US commits 20k troops
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How many troops did US committ to NATO Op Plan 40-104
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What was agreed at Dayton Settlement/Accords
High rep would look after B and H, OSCE would look after arms control, Nato provides troop on the ground but EU just confined to economic mission.
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Where was Operation Alba
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Who lead the mission in Operation Alba
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What was Operation Alba
7k strong protection force to safeguard supplies and re-establish police force in Albania
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Why was military intervention in Kosovo much quicker
Fear of Dayton accords unravelling, Already troops in the region, Milosevic as identifiable aggressor and murder of 25 civilians in Kosovo.
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Where/who did leading EU MS look to in Kosovo
The Quint
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Who provided a 78 day air assault in Kosovo
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What did NATO provide in Kosovo
78 day air assault
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What was UN mission in Kosovo
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What was NATO mission in Kosovo
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What recognises Kosovo as part of Sovereign Fed of Yugoslavia
UNSC Res 1244
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What is so shocking about US air missions
US Air Force flew 65.9% in Op Deliberate Force and 79% in Op Allied Force
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Where were Operations Deliberate Force and Allied Force
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What is so shocking about EU/NATO troop contribution
Only 40k in Kosovo and 50k in wider Balkans committed out of potential 2mn.
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What is the famous Pentagon Officials Quote
If anyone thinks that the US is ever going to use the North Atlantic Council.. to run another major military campaign, they must be smoking pot.'
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Who raced the NATO/EU/UN to Pristina airport in 1999
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What did the European Commission introduce in 1995
Regional Approach
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What did EC Regional Approach provide in 1995
Financial and 1st Generation Contractual Agreements
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What was implemented in 1996
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What was OBNOVA 1996
Council's programme of assistance to B and H, Croatia, FYROM, Serbia and Montenegro
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How did PHARE supplement OBNOVA
Gave $1bn between 1996-9
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What did the French initiate
Royaumont Process
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What was Royaumont Process
stability and good neighbourliness project- brought balkans together with EU, OSCE, UN, CoE, US, Turkey and Russia
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What incorporated the Royaumont Process in 1999
The Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe
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What does SAP stand for
Stabilisation and Association Process
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What do Marsh and Rees say about SAP
'Most important EU initiative'
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When was SAP initiated and by who
1999 by the Commission
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What was so significant about SAP
conferred membership perspective on Balkan States
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What are the phases of SAP
1) free trade area + support for institutions to EU standards. 2) Once economic and political stability gained, countries enter SAA (effectively European Agreement)
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What is economic and political stability to Sperling and Kirchner
the Sine Qua Non of security and stability for the EU
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What replaced OBNOVA and PHARE in 2000
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What did CARDS establish
single framework for assistance to Balkan region
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What agency was set up
European Agency for Reconstruction
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What was EU amount of financial assistance to EU and Turkey 2007-11
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how much did CARDS provide to Balkans 2004-6
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What else was launched in 2007
Visa facilitation agreements
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What was to happen to civil society funding post 2010
It would be trippled
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What took over from SFOR in 2004
EUFOR Althea
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What was EUPM and when was it launched
EU Police Mission 2003
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What did Solana broker in 2002
Deal where Serbia and Montenegro would be the lose union within Yugoslav Federation
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What was montenegro given
3 year opt out
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What was agreed in FYROM in 2001
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What was Ohrid Framework Agreement
Prevented full scale war in FYROM by bringing together ethnic groups for talks
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What did EU do at end of OP Essential Harvest
Used CARDS funding +help of OSCE to provide peace monitors under protection of NATO Op Fox
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What operation was Launched in 2003
Operation Concordia
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What was operation concordia
NATO/EU venture to secure FYROM and allow Ohrid agreements to flourish
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When did Kosovo declare indepdendence
Feb 08
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What happened once independence declared
Kosovo became an EU rather than UN protectorae
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What was EU financial commitment in Kosovo
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What did investment come in form of
TAIEX, EULEX Kosovo, International civilian mission and Liason Office
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What is important about UNSC Res 1244 regarding EU
It has reaffirmed its commitment to Kosovo's membership potential.
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Who said "our credibility is zero because we are just not doing anything."


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What year were the Brioni Accords


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Who sponsored the Brioni Accords in 1991


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