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2. One last quote - all these are true, but only some pertain to this specific topic - which is it?

  • 'Turning first this way and then that without making any real progress' Merv Fowler
  • 'the aim is to sit mindfully.' Cush
  • 'Posssesed an equally strong rejection of it.' (About the Buddha's contemporary culture and values) Side
  • 'The Buddha was a man, a human being like ourselves.' Cush

3. Buddhism Did not develop in a Vaccum is a quote to attribute to who?

  • Buddha
  • Fowler
  • Side
  • Cush

4. What example shows the difference between rebirth and reincarnation?

  • One allows freedom from suffering where the other cannot
  • A candle flame which changes as it passes the flame to another candle
  • One is believed by the idiotic; one is for people of superior intellect

5. Why do people believe the earliest civilasation only worshipped tehir mother godess in the home?

  • Excavations found no temple
  • Ancient scriptures
  • The Buddha's own account of a past life he had led there.


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