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2. role of synoval membrane

  • keeps muscles lubricated
  • norishes bones
  • lines the joint capsule and secretes synovial fluid
  • keep synovial fluid safe

3. what is negative feedback?

  • when you eat foods that dont agree with you
  • A system where any change results in an action that reverses the original chamge
  • when someone gives you bad feedback
  • when you make a change

4. Five ways to test fitness

  • running, swimming, climbing, lifting weights and cycling
  • Heart rate, Body fat, blood pressure, recovery period and BMI
  • cholesterol, risk of heart disease, blood sugar, weight, height and appearance
  • training program, diet, lifestyle, weight and height

5. what is the function of valves

  • stop blood flowing backwards
  • stop blood from reaching your feet
  • open and closes the lungs
  • open and shut your mouth


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