B604 Ethics christianity and equality

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what is equality?
being treated fairly regardless gender ethnicity etc
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what is the declaration of human rights?
the united nations use this to show the standard to living they would like all over the world
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what do amnesty international do?
they campaign for social justice
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what is prejudice?
acting on a prejudged idea on someone
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what is discrimination?
judging someone based on their skin colour, religion etc
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what percentage of people in london are from an ethnic minority?
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how cultures do people in london have a choice of eating from?
70 cultures
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what is it called when religions campaign against equality?
liberation theology
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what is the parable of the good samaritan? give it in 5 bullet points.
-a man was attacked by robbers and was left with nothing. -A priest passed and walked past on other side of road. -A levite walked past on other side. -Samaritan walked past and helped the man. Bringing him to an inn. -Jesus told others to do that to
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who was killed in a racist attack in 2005?
anothony walker
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what was the case of stephen lawrence?
killed in 1993 for colour of skin, police also racially discriminated him and his family during investigation.
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who influenced the moves towards no racism in america and england?
Martin Luther King
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what case study can be used for an argument against racism that was carried out in a school ?
the blue eyes brown eyes experiment
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what do christians believe should be done about racism?
it should be stood up against/
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what are the catholic church famous for speaking out against since 1573?
racism and slavery
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what group do they church of england have for ethnic minorities?
CMEAC - commitee for Minority and Ethnic Anglican Concerns
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what rights did woman not have the same as men in the past?
could not vote. couldn not do same jobs as men. paid less for working.
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what group fought for woman equality?
the sufragettes
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what is still apparent for woman equality in todays society?
woman get paid less than men still
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what do roman catholic believe about the role of woman?
woman are valued as mary was the mother of jesus. woman should take nurturing role.
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what do the church of england believe woman are allowed to do?
allowed to be vicars, cannot be bishops. top leaders ought to remain as men.
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what is pluralism?
religions have the same idea and the same god they just have different paths
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what is inclusivism?
anyone can be in gods kingdom as long as they follow their conscience and do good.
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what is exclusivism?
only christians are allowed in gods kingdom
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what is evangelism?
to save the souls of people who do not believe in jesus of God
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finish this teaching about worshipping god - though shall not worship....
false idols
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what is reconciliation?
to forgive someone and then try and repair the relationship
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what do catholics do to repent?
they take part in confession to express regret and admit what they did was wrong
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what is the declaration of human rights?


the united nations use this to show the standard to living they would like all over the world

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what do amnesty international do?


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what is prejudice?


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what is discrimination?


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