B603: Medical Ethics

What is fertility treatment?
A medical treatment which enables a woman to have a baby when she cannot concieve naturally
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What is 'Sanctity of Life'?
The belief that life is holy, special and sacred
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Why do people believe in sanctity of life?
Because man was made in the image of God, God breathed life into Adam in genesis, humans have a soul
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What is the definition of abortion?
The termination of a pregnancy before it has reached full term.
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What is another name for spontaneous abortion?
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Up to how many weeks can a procurred abortion take place?
24 weeks
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Why can abortions only take place before the pregnancy reaches 24 weeks?
Because after this time, the foetus could survive if it was born
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According to the law, what reasons make abortion legal?
-The life or health of the woman is at risk. -Existing family would suffer. -Child would be born with severe handicap. -To save the life of the woman or prevent grave injury of woman.
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What do Roman Catholics believe about abortion?
It is wrong as it is murder, the foetus is a person from the moment of conception/fertilisation
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Give a bible quote a Roman Catholic would use to support their views on abortion
'The Lord gave and The Lord has taken away' -Job
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What is the doctrine of the double effect?
If doing something morally good has morally bad side effects, it is right to do it, provided the bad side effect was not intended
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When do the Anglican Church recognise that abortion is morally acceptable?
-In the case of ****. -Where the foutus is severly handicapped
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In what cases do the methodist church believe that abortion is the lesser of two evils?
In cases where the foetus is serverly handicapped, in cases of ****, the health of the mother is at risk
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What does IVF stand for?
In Vitro Fertilisation
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What does AIH stand for?
Artificial Insemination by Husband
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What does AID stand for?
Artificial Insemination by Donor
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Give a quote which supprts fertility treatment
'Be fruitful and increase in number' - Genesis
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What does 'agape' stand for?
Selfless love
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What is 'cloning'?
Something which creates a genetically identical animal or plant from another
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What is theraputic cloning?
The cloning where tissues are created using single cells of a person which are 'reprogrammed' to create stem cells
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What is suicide?
When a person ends his or her life
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Give a christian attitude to suicide
-God chooses when people are born and when they die. -People suffer pain for a reason. -Suicide is selfish
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What is Euthansia?
Literally means 'a good death', making a choice whether death occurs.
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What is voluntary euthanasia?
When someone asks for the end of his or her own life but is unable to commit suicide without help, also called 'assissted suicide'.
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What is Involuntary euthanasia?
When other people decide if it would be best if someones life ends, because he or she is not able to make that decision independently.
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What is Active euthanasia?
When action is taken to bring life to an end, eg, a lethal dose of drugs is given, this is against the law
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What is Passive euthanasia?
When a decision is made to stop giving further treatment, even though death will be the result.
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Give a biblical quote against euthanasia
'Thou shall not kill'
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What is palliative care?
Care given to a dying person, pain killers. Often used in hospices.
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What is animal testing?
Using animals to advance scientific knowledge, understand disease and develop and test new medicine.
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Give a biblical quote which shows that humans have dominion over animals, but also that we should show stewardship towards animals.
'Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground.' -Genesis
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What do christians believe about animals souls?
They don't have a soul.
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What is 'Sanctity of Life'?


The belief that life is holy, special and sacred

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Why do people believe in sanctity of life?


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What is the definition of abortion?


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