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what is celibacy?
never having sex
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what is promiscuity?
having many sexual partners
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what is fornication?
having casual sex without commitment
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what is abstinence?
not having sex for a period of time out of choice
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what is sex before 16 also known as?
sex as a minor
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what are the two functions to sex?
create life and for pleasure and enjoyment
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what are the teachings for sexual intercourse?
'Go fourth and multiply' 'Be fruitful and increase'
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what are some teachings against casual sex?
do not commit adultery.
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in what way do fundamentalist christians read the bible?
the bible should be read literally
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in what way is the teaching 'go fourth and multiply' interpreted by fundamentalist christians in terms of sex?
sex is to create life
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in what way do conservative christians read the bible?
they interpret the bible and do not follow wrd by word
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in what way is the teaching 'go fourth and multiply' interpreted by consrvatives in terms of sex?
relevant to adam and eve, sex isn't just to create new life. primary function of gaining intimacy between a couple
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what do type of christian beieve that sex before marriage is adultary?
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what teaching supports a conservatives views on sex?
two become one flesh
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what are some social views on prostitution?
its an old proffession, meaning sex was meant for pleasure
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what is a social view on marriage?
it is still popular therefor it shows importance and value in relationships
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what would a social views are on one stands be?
more people are having them, being more open about sexual needs, sex for pleasure
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what are the 2 natural types of contraception known as?
rythm and withdrawal
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what are some examples of artificial contraception?
condom, the pill, coil, contraceptive injection, the implant,
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what are condoms and femidoms also known as?
barrier methods as sperm is stopped from reaching eggs.
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how does the coil work?
once the sperm is inside the woman, the coil releases chemicals to kill off the sperm.
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what can be classed as a hormone method of contraception?
the pill or the implant
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why is the withdrawl method not effective?
because when the penis is erect sperm leaves straight away
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how does the rhythm method work?
planning sex to go alongside the womans cycle and only having sec when the woman is not fertile
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what do roman catholics believe about the withdrawl method?
that it is wrong as ejaculating outside of the woman has wasted potential life
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what contraception do roman catholics use?
the rhythm method as god chooses the time this happens and still a large chance of concieving a child
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what do conservative and liberal christians about having artificial contraception on hand?
that it is wrong as it shows promiscuity
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are liberal and conservatives able to use artificial contraception?
yes as it is more reliable and sex doesnt make them have a baby
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what are some social views that supports artificial contraception?
it helps family decide when to have baby, prevents abortions, protects harmfull STIs,
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what are some social views that are against artificial contraception?
it allows no-strings-attatched sex and sex looses its intimacy
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why are the promises made by couples at wedding ceremonys sacred?
because you have promised god and thye are holy because of this
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what are some reasons for christians to have sex?
companionship, sex, a family
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finish the teaching, a man leaves his father and mother and is united.....
with his wife, and the two become one flesh
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what is the difference between a civil ceremony and a humanist ceremony?
Civil - non religious. Humanist - a wedding at registery office
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what is a civil partnership?
a commitment between two people of the same gender
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finish this teaching against civil partnership - you shall not lie....
with a man as a woman.
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finish this teaching against same sex relationships - no man is to have sexual ....
relations with another man, God hates that.
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what do roman catholics belive about sex in a same sex relationship?
that they should stay celibate.
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what teaching about a neighbor helps liberal christians allow same sex relationships?
love thy neighbor as you love yourself
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what was illegal before 1967?
to be gay
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what teaching are against divorce?
what god has joined together no man can seperate. a wife must not seperate from her husband. But if she does she must remain unmarried.
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what statement did jesus make that supports divorce?
anyone who divorces their wife except for mariatal unfaithfulness, causes her to become an adulteress
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what do roman catholics have to do if they do not want to be together or live together?
they have to move apart but they can not be with anyone else.
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what is a social veiw which could suggest that divorce is the right thing?
being unhappy is not healthy, depression, mental illness,
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what are some ways that people in society try and save marriage?
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what is an annulment?
the wedding didn't legally count
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what is a social view for an annulment?
britney spears and friend from times when they were little. got married in vegas and then had an annulment 12 hours later.
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//what does the protestant church believe about re-marriage in a chruch
that it shouldnt be allowed, only in exceptional circumstances
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what is re-marriage in a catholic church seen as to catholics??
you are not allowed to do it at all and you are not even allowed a dvorce. but you can remarry if you have had an annulment by the church
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what is a social example of someone who has remarried many times?
elizabeth taylor
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what do society feel about roles of men and woman traditionally in the home?
it is sexist as either the husband or wife can do any of the jobs.
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why is the role of mary very important to christians?
she brought up jesus and is given credit for who he wwas when he grew up.
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what church give devotion to mary?
roman catholics
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what would liberal christians believe about adam and eves roles as men and woman?
relevant to the time of adam and eve but not today
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what would fundamentalist christians belivieve about the roles of adam and eve?
men and woman should stick to theses roles today.
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what would conservative christians believe about the roles of adam and eve?
men as land workers and woman and child bearers is ideal but both roles can help eachother out.
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what is the quote as eve as a helper?
it is not good for the man to be alone. i will make a helper suitable for him
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why is the role of father so important to christians?
this is because god is seen as the 'heavenly father' meaning fathers are linked to god
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what would a social view be for non gender roles to not exsist?
housing prices went up when a mortgage could be paid with two wages. this means men and woman both have to work as prices went up dramatically.
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what would fundamentalist christians believe about jesus only picking 12 men as disciples?
they see as only men should tech in church.
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what is the job of woman nowadays in church?
they pray with others, hold sunday school
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what do the quakers believe aboutmale and female roles in the church?
that there should be no specific leaders and no rules over gender.
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what group of woman started a campaign for womans rights??
the suffragettes
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