B4 Homeostasis Revision 21st Century Science

A quiz on B4 for GCSE 21st Century Science biology revision- Homeostasis

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1. What does Homeostasis mean?

  • Maintaining constant external organs
  • Maintaining a constant internal environment
  • Maintaining constant internal organs
  • Maintaining a constant external environment
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2. Our body tries to maintain our core body temperature at...

  • 37 degrees centigrade
  • 36 degrees centigrade
  • 73 degrees centigrade
  • 37 degrees fahrenheit
  • 38 degrees centigrade

3. Both _____ and ______ can affect our body and water content

  • Eating a lot and strenous exercise
  • Strenous exercise and living in a hot/cold environment
  • Strenuous temperature and eating a lot

4. Maintaining a constant internal envrionment:

  • Receptors->Processing centre-> Effectors
  • Receptors-> Effectors-> Processing centre
  • Effectors-> processing centre-> receptors
  • Processing centre-> Recptors-> Effectors

5. What does a receptor do?

  • produce a response to ensure our (e.g.) temp stays at 37 degrees C
  • detect when things change like temperature
  • receives information and then it coordinates our response


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long but very very helpful! 80% :D 



very helpful :D



a marathon quiz, but really useful. would be even better if you could see the correct answers afterwards :)



This is a popular and useful set of flashcards on homeostasis which would be useful for any biology students studying this topic. There are 32 cards in the set which can be printed off when you want to do a self-test. 



32 is wrong osmosis is when it moves from a concentrated area to a dilute one.

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