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1. What absorbs the energy for photosynthesis?

  • The chemical chlorophyll in the pollen
  • The chemical chlorophyll in chloroplasts
  • The chemical chlorophyll in the cell wall
  • The chemical chlorophyll in the cell membrane
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2. How do oxygen and carbon dioxide move around cells?

  • They can only leave by diffusion
  • They move in and out by diffusion
  • They move in by diffusion but they can't get back out
  • They can't move because the membrane blocks them

3. What happens to enzyme activity as the temperature increases?

  • It increases up to a point
  • It increases
  • It decreases
  • It stays the same

4. What is the mechanism for an enzyme substrate complex called?

  • Reaction mechanism
  • Enzyme-substrate mechanism
  • Lock and key mechanism
  • Catalyst mechanism

5. What does respiration do?

  • It provides energy for things like growth and movement
  • Nothing, it's lazy
  • It gives out unnecessary energy
  • It lets us run when there's not enough oxygen


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