B3 AQA Microbiology

A test on Microbiology :)

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1. What does FERMENTATION mean?

  • Anaerobic respiration in the yeast
  • Aerobic respiration in the yeast
  • Digestion of molecules by the yeast
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2. Why, In a school lab, should microbes not be cultured at 30 degrees C?

  • It will denature the microbes
  • Manufacture pathogens harmful to human health
  • It will melt the Agar

3. What is the scientific name for mycoprotein?

  • Fusarium
  • Yeast
  • Carbohydrase

4. What is an ADVANTAGE of using ethanol based fuels?

  • It wastes sugar cane
  • It is Carbon Neutral
  • It is difficult to produce in large masses

5. What is the correct temperature to grow microbes in a school lab?

  • 20*C
  • 25*C
  • 27*C



Great quiz! :) although i think fermentation is aneorobic..?


Agree with the above.


i also agree its aneorobic

Nathan Pounce

It is anaerobic, and in a fermenter I thought it was microorganisms, not enzymes, that would be killed by overheating. Nice quiz :)


I agree. I liked the quiz itself, but there were a few mistakes about. :) x


yeh it's anaerobic. i thought malting was dying out the germinated barley in a kiln?

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