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2. Which of these is not a advantage of a sperm cell?

  • Lots of mitochondria
  • Has alot of energy
  • Long Tails
  • Small
  • Acrosome at the front of head to blow up

3. What is a chromosome?

  • A strand of two genes
  • A mutation
  • A double helix made up of coiled up DNA
  • Four bases that are A, C, P and T

4. Which one of these are true

  • Mutations are either beneficial or harmful
  • All mutations are harmful
  • A mutation is a change to the DNA base sequence
  • All mutations are beneficial

5. Which of these are true?

  • Animals and plants both stop growing
  • Plants grow continuously, animals stop growing
  • Animals grow continuously, plant stop growing
  • Animals and plants grow continuously


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